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Welcome to MAP Kinase Wiki, a resource for MAPK kinases and their signaling. MAPK Wiki is a side project of MAP Kinase Resource, which collects the information about MAP kinases, shares it with a scientific community, students and all other interested. MAP Kinase Wiki will include information on MAPK kinases, with a focus on their functional annotation and evolution. We will include a page for every MAP kinase gene/protein of every possible species of animals, plants and other eukaryotes.

MAP Kinases

MAP kinases are serine/threonine protein kinases that respond to extracellular stimuli and regulate various cellular activities, such as apoptosis, gene expression, mitosis, differentiation, proliferation, responses to stress and immune responses, variuos developmental processes, etc. The MAP kinase family consists of several subfamilies of related proteins. Four of these subfamilies have been very well studied in last several decades, namely: Erk1/2, JNK, p38 and Erk5. Those kinases make up interconnected signal transduction cascades activated by external stimuli, such as growth factors, stress, cytokines and inflammation. Deregulation of these pathways can lead to various disorders, such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory disorders and others.

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