The mission of The MAP Kinase Resource is to collect the information about MAP kinases, share it with a scientific community, students and all other interested. We would also like to improve communications between medical and life science professionals who are interested in MAPkinases.

The MAP Kinase Resource Website was created in 1998. The inspiration at the time came from other specialized websites, such as websites on receptors, transcription factors, etc. The main idea was to concentrate the information about MAP kinases otherwise scattered all over the internet as well as scientific literature and link this information to NCBI protein database and/or PubMed. During more than a decade of it’s existence, MAP Kinase Resource has been linked to many life science websites, as well as praised by many scientists, students and hobbyists, interested in MAP kinases in particular or in cell signaling in general.

Due to the success and the potential of the project, in 2011 we decided to renew and improve it. With a help of IT professionals a new design was created, the site was updated and moved to it’s new domain. We are committed now to continuously improve, update, broaden and develop the website. We also expect the active participation in our activities, such as forum, writing and the development of the website. We also are open to your donations. Best wishes from the MAPK Kinase Resource team!

The team:

Jonas Cicenas, PhD, Biocurator / Biochemist
E-mail: j.cicenas@mapkinases.eu

Karthik Kalyan, MSc, Software Developer / Bioinformatician
E-mail: k.kalyan@mapkinases.eu

Josh Levy, MSc, Computer Scientist/Senior Software Developer
E-mail: joshlevy@rti.org

Aleksandras Sorokinas, Team leader/ Senior Software Developer
E-mail: a.sorokinas@mapkinases.eu

Edvinas Stankunas, Biochemistry Student
E-mail: mr.edvinas.stankunas@gmail.com

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The Biochemistry, Biology and Pathology of MAP Kinases II, September 11-12, 2014, Vilnius, Lithuania

It`s our pleasure to invite you to the international event "The Biochemistry, Biology and Pathology of MAP Kinases II". The conference is organized by Enterprise Lithuania together with Swiss...

Next-Gen Kinase Inhibitors Conference - Cambridge Healthtech Institute, June 17 - 19, 2013

This established and well-recognized kinase conference addresses reoccurring questions about selectivity, safety, resistance and novelty. After many years of research and therapeutic developments of...

Control of the cell cycle progression by the MAPK Hog1

Eukaryotic cells coordinate various intracellular activities in response to environmental stresses, activating an adaptive program to maximize the probability of survival and proliferation. Cells...

Ultrasensitive MAPK/Erk activation in absence of protein synthesis in Xenopus oocytes

The mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) cascade in Xenopus oocytes exhibits an all-or-none, ultrasensitive response, which is believed to result from a positive feed-back loop. Here we describe a...

Batsheva de Rothschild Seminar on Biochemistry, Biology and Pathology of MAP Kinases

This abstract book contains most of the abstracts presented to the Batsheva de Rothschild Seminar on Biochemistry, Biology and Pathology of MAP Kinases. An Aharon Katzir-Katchalski Meeting and an...

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